From its beginings, Autonomous Women's Center has developed an educational program for the Telephone helpline for women with trauma of male violence. This program is intended mainly for women activists and volunteers of women's NGOs.

Good Practice Development Program in the Field of Domestic Violence, since 2002, has been developing educational programs for representatives of all institutions involved in domestic violence issue with the aim to improve reaction/response of public services to domestic violence.

Educational program connects basic theoretical knowledge in the field of domestic violence with the skills of professionals in the knowledge application. The Program is based on AWC's experience in working with women victims of violence, experiences in cooperation with representatives of relevant institutions and good practices of countries implementing similar programs.

All educational programs follow proper printed educational and working materials, examples of documents, protocols, agreements, records and educational posters. All participants receive a certificate of participation at the seminar.

Educational programs we offer:

  • Accredited Program of Education for Professionals in Centers for Social Welfare and Other Institutions
  • Program of Expert Meetings for Judges and Public Prosecutors
  • Accredited Training Program for Health Care Workers
  • Accredited Training Program for Employees of Educational Institutions
  • Program of Expert Meetings for Police Professionals
  • Peer Education