The goal of self-help groups is to empower women to recognize the feeling of helplessness, low self-esteem, alienation from their own bodies etc, in order to be able to discover their inner resources of power and to develop health survival mechanisms. Our experience has shown that, in the most difficult situations, it is possible to initiate positive potentials like creativity and strength and to turn to the positive side of life.

Self-help groups are meant for women and girls who have the experience of violence. They are dedicated to women who, therefore, have feelings of insecurity and helplessness, some feel like victims, some live in fear, and some with a feeling of stigmatization and less value.

They are meant for women who are ready to replace the position the helplessness, dissatisfaction and isolation with the position from which they are ready to take control and responsibility to make their own life more enjoyable.

Self-help groups are a way to help women empower themselves and overcome psychological and physical situation. The working methods of self-help groups are different from professional therapy as follows:

  • they are held in an environment where women are equal and there is no difference in status and power
  • they are based on the same or similar experiences from both the presenters and participants
  • the crucial thing is to identify and confirm the same experience that gives and confirms the feeling that the woman is not alone and not the only one who has that experience.

What are the things women can learn?

  • how to cope with their experience
  • how to set their own limits
  • how to communicate more clearly
  • how to encourage their creativity
  • how to make their choice
  • how to take responsibility for their behavior
  • how to increase confidence

The group is led by two women, one who had the same experience (expert by experience), and the other one as an ally. They work in team and participate in the process to the same extent as the lead the group.

Expert by experience knows the topic from their own experience, she has worked on dealing with the consequences, controlling the emotions, she does not impose her own experience as a model for others, she does not condemn nor judge, she knows how to listen actively and knows how to direct others to the decision, which comes from within.

An ally is the one who knows how to listen actively, control the emotions, she is flexible, she cannot cope with the emotions of other women, has a width, she worked on herself, is aware of the group dynamics, supportive and able to distance herself from her own problems and believes in her own intuition.

The results of self-help groups:

  • strength that lasts: from the victim to the one who survived
  • disclosure of its internal power source
  • transforming the model of survival in power
  • faster to the results, there is no long therapy

Groups of self-help are organized once a week in 12 sessions, and one session lasts for 1,5h. The group consists of 6-10 women and 2 facilitators (one is an expert by experience, and the other one is an ally).

You can inform yourself and schedule the meeting at our SOS phone line 011/266-222, every working day from 10am to 8pm.

This service is free of charge