Individual consultations can be scheduled on 0800 100 007 (working days from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

* This service is free of charge

Counseling sessions, as well as SOS telephone line, are run by specially educated consultants for work with women who have survived male violence, and they all have long-year experience in this area. The goal of consultations for women is their empowerment to end the situation of violence. The consultants are guided by basic principles, namely that:

  • All the experiences told through the telephone helpline and during the consultations are confidential
  • We believe in the testimony of all women survivors of violence
  • A woman must not be blamed for the violence that she survived
  • The perpetuator is responsible for violence he is conducting
  • The guilt and shame are of the perpetuator

The consultants support women:

  • to make a safety plan if they are in dangerous situations
  • to know which institutions can offer them what kind of support
  • to emerge from the logic of victims and silence and be proactive in the process of getting out from violence
  • to set boundaries to violence
  • to work on their traumatic experiences and strengthen their positive qualities
  • to trust themselves and love themselves again
  • to consider the possible choices and choose how they want to live