2019 engWE WILL REMEMBER THE YEAR 2019 FOR… The survival of AWC specialized services, through which tens of thousands of women survivors of violence have been supported since 1993, despite the lack of state support; Concluding remarks of the CEDAW Committee, which confirmed the assessments and recommendations from the AWC shadow report; A large number of proposals for the improvement of laws and public policies — despite the inefficiency of the competent ministries and the blockade of the work of the National Assembly; The failure of the state to maintain continuity in the decline in the number of femicides on an annual basis; Lack of attention paid to violence against women that occurs outside the family context due to the institutional focus on domestic violence; The first “I can say no” — Spring girls’ encounters; Focused media attention on the courageous fight of the women of Brus against sexual harassment in the workplace by the town mayor; Having said NO to cooperation on projects and participation in policy making to international organizations and institutions that continuously exploit the expertise of women’s organizations; Support of the business sector and public figures to the work of the Autonomous Women’s Center

This report is available in PDF format here.