Donor:  Federation of associations “2019 European Youth Capital – OPENS”

Project duration: February – November 2019

Project goals: The general goal is to lower tolerance for gender-based violence among youth and among those who work with youth. Specific goals are: 1) Increased capacities of representatives of secondary schools to respond to gender-based violence and domestic violence and 2) Increase awareness of youth organization representatives about the unacceptability of gender-based violence and improved knowledge about the causes, consequences and forms of gender-based violence, as well as about available protection and support.

General information about the project: Activities include direct work with representatives of youth organizations and activities for representatives of selected secondary schools of the South-Backa District.  Expect results are 1) improved capacities of youth organizations to recognize and provide basic information to youth about gender-based violence, and 2) more effective protection of pupils from gender-based and domestic violence in secondary schools.