Donors: OAK Foundation

Project name: Core support

Project duration: April 2018 – April 2021

Project objectives: empowering women for ending violence and recovery from violence trauma through available, sustainable and improved psychosocial and legal services of AWC; policies to combat violence against women at the national and local levels are in line with international standards (UN, CoE and EU); affirming women’s rights through empowered women’s movement, new alliances, improved visibility and understanding of violence against women issues in media and general public; empowered organizational capacities.

Basic information about the project: by 2021, the Autonomous Women’s Center works on direct support to women victims of violence, spreading women’s support and solidarity and advocates and monitors the adoption, promotion and consistent application of relevant national policies and instruments in the area of violence against women, which are comprehensive, relevant, specific, effective and efficient. At the same time, the Autonomous Women's Center is devoted to the survival of public and activist’s spaces of resistance to nationalism, patriarchy and authoritarian governing.