Healthcare education and support for women in Serbia is a project that was completed in 2001 and 2002. With this project, we have enabled women in 12 towns in Serbia to become more familiar with their health and affect others about the importance of health care for women through seminars, workshops and public forums.

The project has hired 11 women's groups from different towns in Serbia and 4 women's groups from Belgrade. During 2001 and 2002, two seminars were held at which 30 members of women's groups were trained to conduct workshops and public forums on women's health in their communities. In 2002, we held 270 workshops attended by 3,049 women. We have organized 92 forums in which were attended by 1,606 people.

In addition to the educational part, the project Women's Health provides the following services:

  • health care counseling,
  • information about the disease, treatment and access to services in health care facilities,
  • psychological and psychiatric support, self-help groups
  • information on human's rights in the field of health care.