The research survey of the Autonomous Women's Center “Violence against women and its health consequences” was conducted in 2003, on a sample of 1,456 women, in Belgrade. Research is an integral part of the WHO study on violence against women, conducted in several countries of the world, and presents the first study of this type in Serbia.

The research has provided information on:

  • prevalence of violence in all its forms in our society;
  • health consequences of violence in partner relationships;
  • risk factors and protection from violence in partner relationships;
  • strategies and services that women who suffer violence used.

The goal of the research is to contribute to the introduction and development of the methodology of documenting violence against women and improve the cooperation of women's organizations, research and government institutions. The survey data should provide a relevant basis for policy makers, health professionals, researchers and other responsible institutions and individuals for the introduction of appropriate regulations, measures and activities that enable a comprehensive approach to combating and preventing violence in partner relations.

Complete study is available in Serbian language here.