The project “From good intentions to good practice - creating good practices in the work with domestic violence”, was carried out in the period from December 2003 to January 2005, in cooperation with the City Center for Social Work Belgrade and nine departments, as well as partner organizations and with financial support from the Social Innovation Fund, the Ministry of social Affairs. It is the continuation of the activities that the Autonomous Women's Centre started in 2002. with  the project “Life without fear - cooperation with institutions in the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and intervention in the field of domestic violence”, in order to begin to build a model of coordinated actions of local communities in the prevention and resolution the problem of domestic violence. The positive results of this cooperation have conditioned its continuation, partners were directly involved in the planning and implementation of activities during the project and in the decision-making process on all amendments and supplements.

The purpose of this project was the creation of best practices in the work with domestic violence for professional social workers who have gained increased sensitivity to the problem of domestic violence, especially violence against women.

The most important results of the project:

  • increased motivation to participate in activities that carry innovation and efficiency in resolving the cases of domestic violence;
  • better organized planning, implementation and monitoring of interventions in cases of domestic violence (a larger number of social protection interventions, coordinated planning, personal responsibility for the implementation of planned activities, deadlines for the implementation of plans, organized professional exchange of views);
  • established cooperation between the different systems in solving the problem of domestic violence, which directly affects the effectiveness and efficacy of the undertaken measures (increased number of active participants in solving problems, specific division of duties, synchronized intervention);
  • changed the position of centers for social work through active use of social powers, initiating connections of institutions and efficient management of cases of domestic violence;
  • innovative contributions of individuals, professional associates in centers for social work reflected in devising ways for solving / overcoming practical difficulties in standardizing the procedure, better exchange of experiences, better use of the legal possibilities;
  • satisfaction in the work due to more competence for a specific problem, effectiveness and efficiency, confirming the quality of work by the second instance body;
  • promotion of good practice - calls to share the knowledge and experience with colleagues in other communities (seminars in Vrbas, participation in the conference in Novi Sad, calls for guest appearances in Leskovac, Kanjiza and Ruma).

The contributions of the project to the social welfare system reform:

  • professional workers of the Center for Social Welfare are trained to recognize the activities and operation (application of social and family-legal protection measures) in situations of domestic violence;
  • violence in partner relationships was introduced as a phenomenon relevant to the conduct and decisions of professional workers, particularly when decisions are made about children
    increased understanding of the engendering of domestic violence and prejudices that exist with regard to gender roles / powers;
  • a multidisciplinary approach in resolving the problem of domestic violence was promoted, which contributed to creating a model of coordinated action, finding the most efficient solutions, discovering the "failure" in relation to the possibilities of operation and access to the necessary changes at the level of law and implementation;
  • effective processes and procedures in connection with cases of domestic violence were formulated, as a contribution to the standardization process and the possibility of "transfer of good practice";
  • introduced records and established a database on cases of domestic violence that provide better data analysis, effective planning of actions and changes in the operation / interventions, based on arguments;
  • with the appointment of "case manager", a professional responsibility was individualize, precise determining when - what - how - how long is responsible in the protection of victims of violence;
  • the user feedback on services that enable their adaptation to the needs and status of the beneficiary was asked;
  • promoted the activity of CSW, which makes it available to a larger circle of different categories of citizens.