The project Domestic violence - whose responsibility? is designed to enable proper implementation of legislation in the field of domestic violence through coordinated action of all relevant institutions in the community, and in order to achieve an efficient and comprehensive protection from violence. It was implemented in the period from July 2005 to April 2006 in 16 departments of the City Center for Social Welfare. The project is supported by Freedom House.

The project activities of the Department of CCSW were 165 case conferences in which participated representatives of 84 institutions: the police, health and educational institutions, prosecutors, courts, labor organizations and NGOs. Representatives of these institutions in conferences cases jointly planned specific and comprehensive measures to stop the violence and protect victims in specific cases of domestic violence, and members of the Autonomous Women Centre provided support and expert consultation.

During the project Autonomous Women's Center initiated and organized expert meetings in order to achieve an impact on decision-makers at all levels to introduce best practices as standard treatment of relevant institutions in solving concrete situations of domestic violence. The results of these efforts are different - from the establishment of mechanisms for coordinated action in the local community (eg. In the municipality of Lazarevac), to initiation of individual actions towards the establishment of comprehensive models. 87 public performances realized during the project contributed that the problem of domestic violence, especially violence against women, be more visible to public opinion. The impact on victims of violence to seek help and more citizens to report violence was achieved through information leaflets which have been printed and distributed in the departments of the City Center for Social Welfare.