Cooperation with judicial institutions in prevention and protection from domestic violence

The main objective of the project: Raising awareness of judicial and relevant government institutions to develop effective prevention strategies and measures to protect victims of domestic violence, and the development of local networks to combat domestic violence.

Project activities were implemented in Belgrade and Nis.

The direct beneficiaries of the project in 2006/2007. (a total of about 400): a) judges (50%) and prosecutors (12.1%), representatives of the Ministry of Interior (17.5%), representatives of the Centers for social welfare (18%), and other public services (lawyers, representatives of local government, etc.); 322 participants of public events, 206 to one-day seminars and 64 in meetings; b) women victims of violence (22 women represented in court and 6 women whose court cases we monitored); c) Indirect beneficiaries: client partners' organizations. The gender structure: 80% of women and 20% men.

The project is financially supported by Development Cooperation Ireland.

Project activities implemented during 2006 and 2007:

  1. There were four round tables and media presentations of research results "The crime of domestic violence - legal practice in the Republic of Serbia" (February 2006) and "The crime of domestic violence - jurisprudence in Belgrade and Nis" (October 2007) in Belgrade and Nis for 322 participants from all relevant institutions.
  2. There have been 12 one-day seminars (7 seminars in criminal and 5 seminars in the field of family law) for 206 participants
  3. We have held 5 meetings (Phase I), with representatives of relevant institutions - 64 participants from the prosecution, court, lawyers from CSR, lawyers from AWC - with the intention of harmonizing legal practice and exchange of "good practice" activities and decisions of judges in family disputes (May 2007 ).
  4. Lobbying activities which were carried out in order to introduce changes in the policies and practices of institutions and future legislative changes: a. Lobbying decision makers (December 2006). - "Do you see violence against women" (decision makers from relevant ministries and 62 participants; b. There were 6 working meetings with representatives / members of different institutions: 114 representatives of courts, prosecutors, police, CSW and health institutions in Belgrade and Nis); c. The conference was held on lobbying, "Austrian model of intervention in cases of domestic violence" for 22 representatives of key state institutions; d. Held an informative seminar "Austrian model of intervention in cases of domestic violence" for 393 representatives of all relevant institutions; e. Held the lobbying meeting with the President of the Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade; f. Policy document with recommendations for amendments to the Act (9 recommendations for changes to the Criminal Code, 12 recommendations for changes to the Family Law and 12 general recommendations for changes to procedures) have been submitted to the Ministry of Justice. In early 2008, the Ministry has distributed the recommendations to all courts in Serbia for comments; all public lobbying meetings were adequately covered by the media.
  5. We have printed and distributed the planned educational and promotional materials for lobbying.