Autonomous Women's Center, in partnership with the Provincial Secretariat for Labour, Employment and Gender Equality within the project "Toward a comprehensive system of protection against violence against women in Vojvodina" in 2009, conducted training for a group of peer educators to work with young people (high school students) on prevention and protection from violence in an intimate relationship.

Activities in 2009:

  • Two basic, two-day peer workshops for 36 students (May 2009).
  • Selection of the most advanced students, future peer educators in the field of gender-based violence.
  • Four-day training for peer trainers for 16 participants (December 2009)

Activities in 2010:

  • Discussions and one-day peer workshops for high school students in 23 municipalities in Vojvodina
  • Preparation, printing and distribution of a guide for young people on gender based violence.