Duration of the project: 12 months

The Project is funded by: the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Serbia

Main goal of this project is the formation of an independent National Observatory on Violence against Women.

Due to the underdeveloped system of collecting and processing data in the field of gender-based violence there is a need for the establishment of this body. Systematic data on the implementation of laws and measures in this area also lack. Also lacking systematic data on the implementation of laws and measures in this area. The European Commission Report on Serbia's progress in 2009. and 2010. recognizes this problem. The Report from 2010. states that there is a visible increase in domestic violence.

Expected results:

  1. Increased capacity of women's organizations in Serbia for monitoring the implementation of strategies, laws and safeguards, and to advocate for positive change,
  2. Identifying examples of good practices of existing independent bodies for monitoring of violence against women,
  3. Formation of an independent body for monitoring of violence against women.

To achieve these objectives and planned results are the following main groups of activities:

  1. Education for representatives of women's organizations through two two-day training cycles and two cycles of mentoring in the areas of data collection methodology and analysis and writing of policy proposals and advocacy,
  2. Review and analysis of existing models and recommendations for the establishment of an independent body to monitor violence against women and cooperation with women's organizations and the public to develop the best proposal for the establishment of this body,
  3. Formation of the Working Group to review drafts and make proposals for the establishment of the Observatory on violence against women, the selection of the Observatory members and the public presentation of the Observatory.

Target group:

  • Women's Organizations,
  • Representatives of independent state bodies for protection of human rights,
  • Women victims of gender-based violence.