Project duration: 12 months

The project is financed from the EU Delegation in Serbia through the EIDHR program

The main objective of the project is to increase the responsibility of the state for the effective protection of women against gender-based violence and their economic and social rights through the promotion of human rights, gender equality and democratic reforms in the public service. Partner organization: Reconstruction Women's Fund.

Expected project results:

  • Improving the safety of women and supportive attitude of institution through the advancement of knowledge for representative of women's organizations for the implementation of the individual and the institutional representation of women who have experienced violence.
  • Creating reports for selected areas and improving knowledge of women's organizations on the methodology for the monitoring of human rights and of international instruments and mechanisms for the protection of human rights.

To achieve these results and project objectives we have planned two groups of activities:

  1. Education for women's civil society organizations specializing in gender-based violence on jurisdiction of social welfare center and the police, and methods of individual and institutional representation of women service users of the two systems; Making local reports on the satisfaction of women service users; Round table to exchange experiences and good practice between women's organizations in the region; Creating and publishing guidelines for individual and institutional representation.
  2. Training on the methodology for the monitoring of human rights and international instruments and mechanisms in this field; Collecting and translating important information from the EU; Preparation of the report with the results of the monitoring of violations of women's human rights, and recommendations for improvement.

Target groups: 30 women's organizations of civil society (specialized in the field of gender-based violence and socio-economic rights); heads of institutions, representatives of local and national authorities, and mechanisms for gender equality.

Final beneficiaries are women, especially multiple vulnerable groups of women; and professionals in the centers for social welfare and the police.