Duration of the Project: 15 months

The Project is funded by: UN Women

Partner organizations in this project are: CESI :: Center for Education, Counceling and Research, Zagreb, Croatia and CURE Fondation , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The main goal of this project is to empower young women, including those coming from underdeveloped areas and/or marginalized groups - Roma women and girls, to actively participate in decision making processes on local, national and regional level and become recognized gender equality advocates. The project will contribute to inclusion of young women who together participate and influence positive social and policy changes at local and national level through their empowerment, increased knowledge for independent acting and networking with peers from B&H, Serbia and Croatia.

Expected results of the project:

  1. Increased number of young women activists from target countries who gathered new knowledge and skills for influence on public policies in the area of women human rights;
  2. Created first regional network of young women's rights activists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia;
  3. At least 3 reports (one per country) created with recommendations for youth polices improvement in the field of gender equality.

Main activities:

  1. Education for young women from target countries in 2 phases on different topics: women rights, violence prevention, gender legislative, gender mainstreaming, activism, policy analysis, advocacy and practical action planning;
  2. Study visits to government institutions and learning about processes of creation of youth and gender policies, participatory involvement of target groups, good practice exchange;
  3. Advocacy actions of young women activists' on the local level in accordance with the identified needs;
  4. Regional conference for young women activists from B&H, Croatia and Serbia in Sarajevo during the feminist festival PitchWise for mapping situation in the region and targeting fields of activities
  5. Two regional meetings in Zagreb and Belgrade for exchange of ideas on good practices and discussing young women position in each country;
  6. Creation of an online platform for experience and knowledge exchange for better connecting activists in the region;
  7. Research focused on analysis of public policies for youth with the aim to improve gender perspective of these policies.