Project duration: 15 months

The project is funded by: The United States Embassy in Serbia

The project is implemented in partnership of Autonomous Women's Center, ASTRA and Women in Black.

The main objective of the project: Contribution to promoting peace and respect for human rights, human security and protection from gender-based violence through the empowerment of women to cooperate, create coalitions and impact on improving policies and procedures in the security sector, in accordance with the Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSRC 1325).

Specific objectives:

  1.  Increased knowledge of security sector on gender-based violence as the most serious form of discrimination and human rights violations
  2. Improved gender sensitivity of policies and procedures for the treatment of women in at least one document of the security system
  3. Raised awareness of the public, women's organizations and security sector on the role of women in peace-building process in order to build human security

Target groups: representatives of the security system, the institutional body for the implementation of NAP 1325, representatives of non-governmental organizations, women and girls, the media.