Cooperation with judicial institutions in prevention and protection from domestic violence

The main objective of the project Domestic Violence - toward European solutions is achieving a comprehensive, effective and coherent model of legal protection of victims of domestic violence in Serbia.

The specific objectives are:

  • Improved knowledge and uniform case-law enforcement in cases of domestic violence in the context of criminal, civil and misdemeanor matter
  • Associated case-law in the context of criminal, civil and misdemeanor matter regulating protection from domestic violence
  • Established direct cooperation between judicial institutions and other relevant public services in the community (police, center for social welfare, health care and educational institutions, local authorities, NGOs, etc).

The main activities planned by the project from 2008 to 2010:

  1. Seminars for judges, public prosecutors and magistrates
  2. Meetings of professionals from the relevant services
  3. Analysis of the implementation of measures of protection from domestic violence in the civil courts and CSW
  4. Monitoring government policies / strategies and lobbing for positive changes
  5. Free legal aid for the users in AWC