Project duration: 3 years

Project is funded by: the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway

Partner organizations in this project are Civil Society Focal Points (CSFP): Amity- power of friendship (the position of the elderly), Autonomous Women's Center (the question of the status of women), the Centre for Independent Living Serbia (the issue of persons with disabilities), Civic Initiatives ( the position of young people), Group 484 (the position of refugees and displaced persons), Association for development of children and Youth - Youth club (the issue of the situation of children), Roma information center (the position of Roma).

The main objective of this project is to ensure efficient implementation of the new Law on social protection and measures to be taken in order to combat social exclusion.

During the three years of the project it is necessary to develop mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on the implementation and effects of the law on social protection at the national and local level.

The project has two components:

  1. Analytical and research component: monitoring the specific measures of social protection for vulnerable groups, monitoring institutions responsible for these measures, monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of measures and monitoring how institutions evaluate and report on the effects of measures.
  2. Advocacy component: the development of mechanisms for the involvement of citizens in decision-making, monitoring and reporting, empowering citizens and capacity building, advocacy campaigns.