azcAutonomous Women’s Center conducted a research on actions of Misdemeanor Courts in Serbia regarding misdemeanor charges filled in accrodance with par. 1 of the article 36 of the Law on Prevention of  Domestic Violence because of the breach of the issued and prolonged emergency measures. The reseacrch was conducted through requesting data from the Misdemeanor Court of Appeal and anonimized judgements of the Misdemeanor Courts in Serbia, as well through the analysis of data from selected misdemeanor decisions based on following criteria: 1) female perpetrators sentenced to prison terms ; 2) perpetrators of both sexes who were fined and 3) perpetrators of both sexes who were acquitted.

According to data from Misdemeanor Court of Appeal for the period from June 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018, Misdemeanor Courts in Serbia had a total of 1,907 cases, of which 1,800 cases resulted in convictions. Out of the total number of convictions, in 1,714 cases it was a prison sentence (which makes up 95% of all convictions). In 1,604 cases, the prison sentence was imposed on male perpetrators, which makes up 94% of cases, and in 110 cases, on female perpetrators, which makes up 6% of cases. Fines were imposed in 86 cases (5% of all convictions), of which 68 cases involved male perpetrators (77%), and 20 cases involved female perpetrators (23%).

Full report is available HERE.