Pozivamo clanove REM a da podnesu ostavke

The Autonomous Women's Center is one of the organizations for the protection of human rights that is a signatory to the call to REM members to resign. The long-term monitoring of media coverage fully justifies the demands of the citizens participating in the "Serbia against violence" protests.

Due to the negligent work of the Council, REM is a failed institution that does not serve the purpose for which it was established.

We call on members of the Council to assume personal professional and moral responsibility for the collapse of REM and to submit their irrevocable resignations.

Laws give authority to institutions to make decisions that affect the lives of all people. Some people embody institutions. By accepting the privilege of being part of public institutions, these people assumed the responsibility to protect the public interest. To begin with, to respect the laws and not look for loopholes in them.

These people have names and surnames: Olivera Zekić, Milorad Vukašinović, Aleksandra Janković, Aleksandar Vitković, Radoje Kujović, Višnja Aranđelović, Judita Popović, Božidar Zečević and Nemanja Tasić.

The duty of nine people, members of REM, is to ensure that the electronic media work in accordance with the law, to provide the public with quality and diverse content, to inform them objectively, respecting freedom of thought and expression and responsibility for the word spoken publicly.

It is impossible to overestimate the power of the media's influence on society. The REM Council's job is to prevent that influence from being negative, even devastating. REM Council members are not doing their job.

If they were, it would not be possible for the promotion of violence and hate speech in the media to suppress the pluralism of opinion and the culture of dialogue.

It would not be possible for the media to show physical and psychological abuse in reality programs with impunity, to spread misinformation, racial, religious and national hatred, glorify war criminals, fuel misogyny, call for the persecution of dissenters...

That the public be traumatized, and the dignity of the victims be trampled by displays of dismembered human bodies.

Such media and such REM serve the interests of media tycoons and political lords, but they do not serve the interests of society.

Responsibility has a name and a surname.

Citizens’ associations who signed the call:

  • Autonomous Women's Center
  • Belgrade Center for Security Policy
  • BIRODI - Bureau of Social Research
  • Center of Contemporary Politics
  • European Movement in Serbia
  • Civic initiatives
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights
  • National Coalition for Decentralization
  • Partners Serbia
  • RERI – Regulatory Institute for Renewable Energy and the Environment
  • SHARE Foundation
  • Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation
  • YUCOM – Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights