Tamara ŠmidlingAs one of the organizations supported by the Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna in Serbia, the Autonomous Women's Center participated in the annual presentation of activities within the project "Participation and Democracy in Serbia - Women's Rights in Practice". The event was organized by ROZA from Zrenjanin in Kaštel Ečka, and the main topic was women's economic and labor rights.

The program "Participation and democracy in Serbia - Women's rights in practice" was discussed by Tamara Šmidling from Kvinna till Kvinna, who highlighted the goals and topics of this program, the connection between gender-based violence, economic rights and economic empowerment of women, but also cooperation between women's organizations in Serbia. Teodora Gavrilović, who presented the study "What you should know before entering the labor market", spoke about the activities of the youth program organized by ROZA.

You can see the statement of the representative of Kvinna till Kvinna and the participants of the event HERE.

You can see the publications of the Roza organization HERE.