Belgrade, 5-15 December 2023. In cooperation with organizations from the Network of Women Against Violence and the Network for the European Women's Lobby in Serbia, the Autonomous Women's Center conducted a campaign on social networks with the slogan #missedopportunities. The goal of the campaign was to point out what the previous Government and the National Assembly could have done, but failed to do, in order to ensure better support and protection for women who have experienced violence, but also for children who have witnessed violence. Women's organizations called on the incoming Government and the new MPs to provide sufficient resources, appropriate laws and policies for the support and protection of women and children from violence, to which they are entitled in accordance with the international standards adopted by Serbia.

Six important topics that represent #missed opportunities are highlighted in short video clips:

The campaign reached 200,000 people in a short time on the AWC channels (FB and Twitter). Video attachments had more than 230,000 views, and people engaged with the video more than 6,000 times (likes, shares, comments...). The campaign was supported by the Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna. It remains to be seen whether the new authorities will take any of the proposed measures to provide better support and protection from violence to women and children.