Representatives of the Autonomous Women’s Center took part in a regional conference “Empowering a Feminist Approach to Transgenerational Trauma – Perspectives of women who have survived sexual violence in war” held in Sarajevo, and spoke on a panel on regional activism and solidarity against sexual violence in war.

Around a 100 activists and professionals from the whole region came to the conference, and emphasized the importance of working on transgenerational trauma from both psychological and activism perspectives.

The conference was organized by Medica Zenica and Vive Women from Tuzla as part of their join regional project “Empowering Voices of Women Who Have Suffered Sexual Violence in War, and Gender Based Violence in The Western Balkans – Towards a culture of acknowledgement and reconciliation”. The project is being implemented by these two organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Medica Djakova and the Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture from Kosovo, and the Autonomous Women’s Center, Women in Black and Youth Initiative for Human Rights from Serbia, with the support of medica mondiale from Germany.