Every third resident of Serbia has significant mental disorders, but despite this, Serbia does not have enough resources for adequate care of the nation's mental health. The number of children and young people with behavioral problems is increasing, but the capacity of the social protection system to respond to this problem is decreasing. There are not enough psychologists or social workers, it is necessary to reorganize the health and social protection system, if society intends to really oppose the growing violence.

majska platforma 20.06.24

These are some of the conclusions from the report of the May Platform initiative, on the state of mental health, as one of the possible causes of violence in society, and on the social protection system, as an important systemic response to violence, especially when it comes to children and young people who are on the wrong side of the law.

Representatives of the May Platform once again today invited all interested parties, primarily representatives of the state, but also the academic and civil public, the professional community, trade unions, to an open discussion on how to improve these two areas that have a key impact on the level of violence in society.

AWC representatives are members of the Board of the May Platform.

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