Saturday, July 20, 2019


Initial premise of the Autonomous Women's Center is that policies, in order to fight against violence against women, at the local and national level should be consistent with international standards and good practices in this field. In accordance with the strategic goals, that the Convention of the United Nations and the Council of Europe should be implemented well by the state and that in the process of joining the European Union we must respect the human rights of women, Autonomous Women's Center consistently monitors the implementation of and advocates for a comprehensive, coherent, relevant, specific, efficient and effective national policies against violence against women.

Proposed amendments to the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Social Protection seriously jeopardize the interests of users and beneficiaries of social protection services, limiting basic human rights and introducing forced labor, as the social protection system is centralized contrary to the recommendations of the European Commission on the decentralization of the social welfare system protection. The aforementioned law stipulates financial social assistance and gives widespread powers to the centers for social work.

For this reason, the group of civil society organizations consisting of Trag Foundation, Autonomous Women's Center, Crta, A11, European Movement in Serbia, ASTRA, Initiative for Development and Cooperation, Civic Initiatives, SeCons - Development Initiative Group, National Coalition for Decentralization, Foundation Center for Democracy, has initiated the withdrawal from the procedure of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Social Protection.

By the deadline for sending comments, this initiative was signed by 506 civil society organizations and citizens.

For more details in Serbian, see the link here.