Ten women's civil society organizations from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro, which deal with providing support to women who have survived violence, sent a letter of support to Professor Robert Geffner - an American clinical psychologist with 40 years of experience in the field of domestic violence, trauma and psychological and sexual abuse of children.

Professor Geffner is currently under attack from "men's rights" and "fathers' rights" organizations, which seek to discredit his professional work and unconditional commitment to the well-being of children in situations of violence. In our region, too, there has been a worrying increase in organized movements that stand for "fathers' rights" and "men's rights." We are disturbed by cases where these movements appear to undermine the fundamental human right of women and children to live free from violence and abuse.

We believe that Professor Geffner's work is based on principles that prioritize the safety and well-being of women and children. It is disappointing that organized attacks, based on assumptions and directed against the rights of women and children, have led to legal actions that divert focus and energy from much-needed work in these areas.

We believe it is crucial to place the well-being of children as a priority in any discussion around family dynamics and domestic violence and to commend efforts to ensure that the rights of women and children are respected and protected. Therefore, in the field of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual violence against children, it is necessary to take into account the opinions of experienced professionals and not "fathers' rights" organizations shaped by conservative ideologies.

The complete letter of support to Professor Robert Geffner can be read HERE.