brief alertThe prEUgovor coalition reacts to the content of Prime Minister Miloš Vučević’s exposé presented on 1 May 2024, offering recommendations in selected key areas it regularly monitors with Serbia’s European integration process.

Vučević called his cabinet “the Government of Continuity”. However, coalition PrEUgovor’s regular monitoring over the past 11 years indicates a need for a complete change of direction when it comes to the implementation of reforms in the key areas of Cluster 1 (Fundamentals) of Serbia’s accession negotiations with the European Union (EU) - justice, freedom of the media and the fight against corruption and organised crime. The very order of the areas mentioned in the exposé speaks of the new Government’s priorities, leaving the fight against crime and corruption for the very end.

Full membership in the European Union was repeated as Serbia’s strategic goal, but with numerous reservations and criticisms of the EU. The exposé did not address the chronic problems in Cluster 1 at all, nor did it offer solutions or proposed changes in the course of action. Instead of describing the essential problems, he presented statistical data. In an attempt to paint the situation as better than it actually is, the evaluation marks of international bodies were presented selectively.

You can see the Brief Alert HERE.