azcThe Autonomous Women’s Center has filed a complaint with the Press Council against media portals Mondo, Alo, Dnevno, Novosti, Luftika, Niske Vesti, Telegraf, Nova, Informer, and Pink due to their reporting on a rape case Nis that has been reported to police.

pornografija i partnerske veze mladihAs part of the prevention program "I can choose to say NO - Love is not violence!", the Autonomous Women's Center, together with a team of peer educators, prepared and launched new workshops for young women called "Pornography & Youth Partnerships". In the previous period, 40 girls aged 15 to 26 attended online workshops, and the workshops will continue next year.

azcAutonomous Women's Center, Women in Black and Dah Theater from Belgrade, with the support of the women's association Anima from Đulići, the Mothers' Movement of the Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves from Sarajevo, the Bratunac Women's Association from Sarajevo, the Association of War Victims Foča 92-95 from Sarajevo, the Center for Women Victims of the war - Rosa, from Zagreb, the association Against Oblivion from Novska, the Peščanik Women's Association from Kruševac, the Nena Association - groups for peace and women's rights from Leskovac, the Women of Polimlje Association from Prijepolje, the Bona Fide Association from Pljevlja, gathered in the Women's Court movement - feminist approach to justice, are organizing a street action on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., in Republic Square, called "Stop the killing of women".

Okrugli sto sa ATINOMAn analysis of five years of implementation of the Law on Public Order and Peace (2016-2020) issued this week by the Autonomous Women's Center shows that engaging in prostitution is sanctioned on average 3.5 times more than the use of prostitution services, although legally responsible for prostitution are both persons who provide prostitution services and persons who use them.

warmongers announcementA regional consortium of organizations from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, which for the past 30 years have been working for the rights of victims and survivors of sexual violence during the wars in the former Yugoslavia, are asking the Government of the United Kingdom why Ivica Dacic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and a close associate of the Milosevic regime, has the legitimacy to speak at a conference on the prevention of these crimes in conflict and how this choice of speaker supports preventive efforts in the region?

alarm prezentacija sAs a member of the prEUgovor coalition, which regularly (since 2016) prepares independent half-yearly reports on Serbia's progress in accession negotiations with the European Union, the Autonomous Women's Center participated in the presentation of the new Alarm report for Cluster 1 (chapters 23 and 24).

brisel novembar sThe Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna, who provide financial support for the activities of the Autonomous Women's Center, organized a week of advocacy activities within the EU accession process, in Brussels, for women's organizations from six countries of the Western Balkans region, in which the Autonomous Women's Center also participated.

Bearing in mind the exceptional success of the mediation program in the employment of women who have experienced violence, in the implementation of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, the departments of the City Social Welfare Center in Čukarica, Rakovica, Voždovac and Grocka, as well as the branches of the National Employment Service from the same municipalities, with the support of the Autonomous Women's Center, the Coordinator for gender-based violence in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office organized a meeting with representatives of the City Social Welfare Center, the National Employment Service, AWC and coordinators for domestic violence in all basic public prosecutor's offices in the area of ​​actual and local jurisdiction of the HPPO in Belgrade.

ekonomsko osnazivanje zena sThe Autonomous Women's Center organized this expert meeting with the aim of presenting the model of mediation in the employment of women who survived domestic violence, developed by the Second Basic Public Prosecutor's Office (BPPO) in Belgrade, in order to open a discussion on whether this or a similar model would could come to life within all six BPPOs for the City of Belgrade.

azcAfter a complaint sent to the Press Council by the Autonomous Women's Center regarding an interview with a repeatedly convicted rapist published by the daily newspaper Informer on September 28, 2022, this self-regulatory body found a violation of as many as six points of the Code of Journalists of Serbia.